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Kratzer offers you efficient support in the development of your products and designs. We manufacture components and assemblies in the absolute highest precision in accordance with your specifications. To also plan and develop complete processes together with you is of great importance to us - Kratzer takes up where others leave off.

Furthermore, individual and personal support is a matter of course. We constantly aim at improvements in order to provide you with defect-free products. The service package that we provide you with includes, in addition to the production and assembly of components and fixtures, quite a lot more. We ensure the quality of your products by means of comprehensive measurement techniques and classified inspection procedures. Packaging and state-of-the-art logistics ensure that you receive your products intact and on time.

Metal Cutting


From the start, we plan our projects so forward-looking, and in such detail, that your requirements regarding quality, delivery reliability and service are optimally satisfied. This we ensure through the use of, amongst other things, the latest PPC and ERP systems. Learn more about our Measurement Technology.

We gladly support you already during the development and construction phase. We use tools like FMEA or FEM. We focus on reconciling your functional requirements with the most efficient technical solution.

Based on your technical drawings and specifications, we define how your parts are manufactured and / or assembled. At the same time, we also plan the necessary quality assurance steps, so that you only receive products that offer an optimal price / performance ratio.

Service & Logistics

In relation to the manufacture of parts that require heat treatment, we offer you a wide range of heat treatment processes:

  1. Case hardening
  2. Induction hardening
  3. Vacuum hardening
  4. Quenching and tempering
  5. Carbonitriding
  1. Plasma nitriding
  2. Soft nitriding
  3. Soft annealing
  4. Vacuum annealing
  5. Normalizing
  1. Solution annealing
  2. Carburizing
  3. Gas nitrocarburizing
  4. Vacuum age hardening

Regarding the production of parts which require surface treatment, we have the following solutions for you:

  1. Anodizing
  2. Nickel plating
  3. Gilding
  4. Galvanizing
  5. Burnishing
  6. Laser marking
  7. Painting
  8. Lapping
  9. Thick layer passivation
  1. Chrome plating
  2. Hard-chromium plating
  3. Matt-chromium plating
  4. Soft-chromium plating
  5. Pickling
  6. Etching
  7. Passivating
  8. Hard coating
  9. Phosphating
  1. Embossing
  2. Screen Printing
  3. Coppering
  4. Vulcanizing
  5. Tungsten carbide coating
  6. Tuflok coating
  7. Dacromet coating

Deburring after machining is a very important process step. Chips or burrs often have a profound impact on the reliable operation of your parts. In order to prevent this, we use state-of-the-art deburring technology so that you can receive burr-free parts on request. In connection with the production of parts that require deburring, we offer you a variety of deburring techniques:

  1. Electrochemical deburring (ECM)
  2. Chemical deburring
  3. Thermal deburring
  4. Electropolishing
  1. Vibratory finishing
  2. Glass bead blasting
  3. Shot blasting

With the help of our climate temperature system TSS-70/130 we are able to expose materials to controlled thermal fluctuations and thus to age the material. The fluctuations between -80 ° C and + 200 ° C can be controlled in a very precise manner.

We have clean rooms of ISO 7 Class.

You would like to outsource not only the complete assembly, but also the logistics of the purchased parts or the performance of functional tests? No problem - we take care of it for you.

Of course, you will only receive clean parts from us that you can use or process immediately. No matter what washing instructions you have, we can implement them. Currently we use washing plants on hydrocarbon, PER and ultrasonic basis.

When packaging, we orientate ourselves to your wishes. We ensure that your parts arrive safely and undamaged.

Assembly & Fixture Construction

With us, you get exactly the service package you require – we assemble your components and assemblies. In order to comply with your high quality standards, we work as standard in a controlled assembly room. In addition, we have hydraulic test benches, presses with up to 150 kN force, as well as modern electropolishing machines. And for fragile parts, we use ultrasonic cleaning.

In order to be able to react even more flexibly to your wishes, we offer you our own fixture construction. Since many of our competitors cannot provide this, you have the advantage of having everything from one source -no need to look for another supplier in order to meet your quality requirements.

Quality Assurance

Additional Services

With our Electrox FlexXYZ equipment, we can accurately laser mark, etch or engrave not only large work pieces but also batches of smaller components.

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