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CNC Lathes

Title Description
Biglia B465 T2Y2 Bar Ø 65 chuck Ø 200
EMAG VL 3 Chuck Ø 150mm
EMAG VL 5 / VL 5i Chuck Ø 200mm
Index ABC Bar Ø 60mm
Index G 200 Bar Ø 65mm, chuck Ø 150mm
Index C 200 Bar Ø 65 mm
Traub TNL 12 sliding headstock machine Bar Ø 12mm
Traub TNL 26 sliding headstock machine Bar Ø 26mm
Traub TNK 36 Bar Ø 36mm
Monforts MHC Chuck Ø 250mm
Montforts RNC4 / RNC 400 Bar Ø 85mm, chuck Ø 250mm
Spinner PD precision lathe Bar Ø 32mm, chuck Ø 100mm
Benzinger Dolittle B2/26 Collet Ø 26
Takamaz XC100 Bar Ø 60mm
Star SW12 RII sliding headstock machine Bar Ø 12 mm
Star SR10J sliding headstock machine Bar Ø 10mm
Okuma LB 2000 V Chuck Ø 150 mm
Okuma LB 3000 EX Chuck Ø 250 mm
Okuma LU 3000 M2 ST Chuck Ø 250 mm
Title Description
Index CNC-6-spindle MS 32 P / MS 32 C Bar Ø 32mm
Index CNC-6-spindle MS42C Bar Ø 42mm
Index CNC-6-spindle MS40 C Bar 40mm

Machining Centres

Title Description
Deckel Maho DMC55H with U-axis 560mm 600mm 600mm
Deckel Maho DMC 60 H 600mm 500mm 400mm
Deckel Maho DMC 60 H linear 5-axis 630 mm 800 mm 750 mm
Deckel Maho DMC 70 H 700mm 800mm 800mm
Deckel Maho DMU 80T 880mm 630mm 630mm
Mazak HCN 5000 730mm 730mm 740mm
Mazak Variaxis i500 350mm 550mm 510mm
Mazak Variaxis 630/5X II 630mm 765mm 510mm
Fanuc Robodrill Alpha T21iFa / D21 Mi A5 500mm 400mm 330mm
Willemin Macodel 508 HT /MT2 Ø 42mm
Title Description
SW BA W04 2-spindle horizontal linear 400mm 500mm 425mm
SW BA442 4-spindle horizontal 200mm 500mm 425mm
SW BA422 2-spindle horizontal 400mm 500mm 425mm
Title Description
Ketterer Vollma-Matic 10+6 stations

Grinding Machines

Title Description
Agathon 150 SL30 Plunge Ø 12mm
Hermighausen SR2G Plunge Ø 30mm, through grinding Ø 20mm
König+Bauer Multimat 130 Plunge Ø 50mm, through grinding Ø 30mm
König+Bauer Multimat 150 Plunge Ø 50mm, through grinding Ø 40mm
Mikrosa SASL 5 Through grinding Ø 90mm
Mikrosa SASL 125 Plunge Ø 50mm
Studer S30 Plunge Ø 90mm
Kellenberger KelVita CNC universal grinding machine
Title Description
Jung C8 Ø 40mm
Voumard 100 CNC Ø 30mm
Kellenberger KelVita Ø 65
Studer S110 Ø 65
Bahmüller Qube Ø 10
Title Description
Blohm Planomat HP 612 1200 x 600mm
Blohm Planomat 608 800 x 600 mm
Blohm Planomat 412 1200 x 400 mm

Honing Machines

Title Description
SUNNEN MBC 1805/1806 Horizontal honing machines
Kadia LH60/350 Hone Ø 1,0-40mm, max. stroke length 350mm
Sunnen ML5000 Ø 40mm
Title Description
Kadia 2LH60/350 Hon-ø 1,0 - 40 mm, max. stroke length 350 mm, 8 stations, 2 x honing

Metrology Equipment

Title Description
CNC measuring machine Contura G2 x=1000mm, y=1200mm, z=600mm
CNC coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Accura II kompakt 800 x=900mm, y=1800mm, z=800mm
CNC measuring machine Zeiss Accura x=700mm, y=1000mm, z=700mm
CNC measuring machine Zeiss Eclipse x=700mm, y=1000mm, z=700mm
CNC measuring machine Zeiss Prismo x=700mm, y=1000mm, z=700mm
CNC measuring machine Zeiss Spectrum x=700mm, y=1000mm, z=580mm
O-Inspekt Optical multi-sensor-measuring machine
Werth Videocheck Optical measurement
Microscope Schneider WM1 Optical measurement
Formtester Mahr MMQ40 -
Formtester Mitutoyo RA-2100 -
Hardness testing machine -
Contour measurement machine Mitutoyo CV3200 -
Contour measurement machine Mitutoyo CV3100 -
Contour measurement machine Zeiss Surfcom 030 -
Contour measurement machine Mitutoyo CV500 -
Laser measuring device Zygo 1201B -
Contour and surface measuring machine Zeiss Surfcom SD3 -
Magnatest Förster -
Measuring microscope Schneider -
Surface measuring device FRT GmbH Optical measuring device MicroProf
Surface testing equipment Mahr S2 -
Surface testing equipment Mahr S3P -
Surface testing equipment MarSurf M400 -
Surface testing equipment Taylor-Hobson -
Surface measuring machine Mitutoyo -
Profile projector St 300 -
Profile projector MarVision MM 420 -
Spectral analysis equipment WAS PMI-Master Pro -
Wave measuring machine Schneider WMM 300 Optical measurement
Wave measuring machine Vici Vision -
Eddy current crack detection equipment Förster -
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